Friday, 5 April 2013

Pibow: The Raspberry Pi Case

I didn't like having my much prized Raspberry Pi (loaned to me by a good friend) resting on a cardboard box looking cool but vulnerable to my quite regular drink spills and clumsy dropping of heavy and/or pointy items.  I wanted a box to put it in - so I got one.

I had planned on making a box for it, but on a whim while hanging around in Maplins I bought a special box for it.

It took 2 minutes to assemble, everything plugs in, it looks great.  For £12.95, more than half the cost of the RPi itself, it may be a luxury and not entirely aligned with the *very* affordable philosophy behind the RPi.  However, it has lego compatible holes in the base!

I had a look at the online Pibow shop which sold it for the same £ as Maplin although with more colour options.  The story behind Pimoroni is interesting.  Sheffield sounds like it's got a pretty cool support network for small business startups.  The manufacturers also give back something to the community that supported them which is karmically cool.

I made a schoolboy error when assembling it, can you spot it in the picture above?