Thursday, 27 February 2014

Self-employed and living the dream

Being self-employed is a roller coaster full of dizzying highs and anxious lows. I have find it essential to record the highs as a resource to battle the lows. After 2 years of self-employment it seems to be paying off and I'm a little more relaxed when I hit a slow period or suffer a setback.

This is a post about the previous 24 hours that have been one of the many highs that remind me that being self-employed is my way of 'Living The Dream'.

24 hours ago I was sat in my new office which I love already. It is a Victorian workshop off the cobbled Iliffe Yard most famously used in film 'The King's Speech'. My girlfriend had popped over for a late lunch and was chilling on our sofa taking in the art hung on the walls. Meanwhile I was working on a proposal to enhance audience engagement with Europe's largest programme of cultural events through gamification.
Iliffe Yard
At 6:30pm, running late, I rushed off to The Miller at the foot of London's Shard to host my monthly RaspberryPint meetup - a group of fascinating people, talking about tech I love, in one of my favourite local pubs. Just before 11pm I jumped on a train with one of my oldest friends, who'd attended the meet up, to stay at his house half an hour North of London and catch up with him and his girlfriend and also to see his new 3D printer and awesome first person view flyers :).

In the morning I finished off my proposal, recorded an accompanying video and made my submission a full 8 minutes before the deadline at noon. That gave me a full 2 hours to have lunch, buy my buddy a thanks-for-the-stay gift and calm down a bit.

A short stroll up a country lane then took me to my day's big meeting to talk to a company about selling some of my bespoke software through their network of resellers in Europe, North America and Australasia. The guy behind the company was fantastic and I came away full of excitement about our partnership and a couple of immediate opportunities. The end of my 24 hours came as I sat in a pub talking to a Professor from Cranfield University about a NATO CSO workshop I am organising.

For me this was a 24 hours that I was really Living The Dream.