Wednesday, 24 October 2018

Turner Contemporary Social Media Display

My social media curator and animation system featured in the last two exhibitions in Margate's Turner Contemporary art gallery. It was designed to require minimal effort from the gallery with near autonomous operation. It added a real sense of engagement in visitors as can be seen by their many posts from the exhibition.

Instagram Post from Animals And Us at Turner Contemporary

A box smaller than your hand got power from the display's USB socket and connected via HDMI. It's small size, light weight and noiseless operation meant it was perfect for mounting on the back of the display with velcro. The system could connect to the internet via ethernet or Wifi.

Social Media Display System

Whenever the display was powered on, the social media system automatically powered up and began showing an animation of Tweets and 'Grams curated by Turner Contemporary staff themselves.

Staff used a website to review posts with their chosen hashtags #JWTWL and #AnimalsAndUs. Accepting posts for display, checking for any rudeness or negativity, was done with a single click on their phones or computers.

Accept post on phone

Accepted messages would appear in the curated feed in the art gallery instantly. You can still view the resulting social media animation for the last Turner Contemporary exhibition Animals and Us online.

This system can be configured to search for posts across many social media platforms including Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube. The animation and branding can be completely redesigned too. If you're interested in using this system yourself contact

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